Veterinary Landlords Association

Sharing our knowledge for the benefit of all

The VLA’s mission is to represent the interests of Landlords who lease property to Veterinary Practices.

This not-for-profit association offers mutual support to veterinary landlords to assist them in building good relationships with tenants.

Membership Benefits

  • Members benefit from access to the VLA veterinary premises rental survey providing valuable data to ensure that market rents are fair and based on appropriate comparable properties.
  • Regular 'Zoom' meetings with expert speakers keep members informed about the rights and responsibilities of being a commercial landlord.
  • Between meetings there is a lively WhatsApp group where members can share problems and more importantly solutions.
  • Access to our Veterinary Landlords Handbook - a summary of how to build a good landlord tenant relationship.

Most of our members are former practice owners or their families and are adapting to becoming a commercial landlord. Veterinary Landlords are in the relatively unusual position of being small businesses leasing premises to multi-billion-pound companies. Our aim is to support members through rent negotiations, and lease renewals. Mutuality is at the core of the VLA’s ethos – we believe that problems need to be shared – we almost always have a member who has faced the same issue before enabling members to benefit from each others experiences.

It’s easy – just complete this form. The subscription fee is very modest £50 or £100 and will depend on how many properties you own and how many landlords you share ownership with. Once you have completed the form the treasurer will send you an invoice.

NO! Anyone who leases property for veterinary use can join the Association.

YES! You will have to complete an annual return. The Association is based on mutual support and sharing of information. This is vital to achieving fair rent reviews and lease renewals.

NO. The Association strongly advises that you should employ professional advisors – surveyors and solicitors. However by collecting data and employing a national coordinator the Association can support you and your local surveyor in their efforts to secure a fair outcome in any negotiations based on comparable properties.

YES. We have regular zoom meetings hosted by experts in the field. These are recorded and available to members. We have a members Handbook which outlines your basic rights and responsibilities as landlords, and a very active WhatsApp group which debates the issues facing VLA members. Our national coordinator will be able to assist your local surveyor to help ensure that your rent is appropriate and fair.


Further information

Download the PDF for further information about The Veterinary Landlords’ Association